In this peer review, I’m going to be reviewing Nicole’s blog about the life of a goalkeeper! Here is the website

I’m very excited to review Nicole’s blog because I have no idea about soccer whatsoever! And I think it would be nice to browse through Nicole’s blog and get to know something interesting and new about being a goalkeeper! I also love the idea of doing a blog about your own experience!

To start off, I would like to say that it was pretty easy to figure out what Nicole’s blog is about. The name of the blog speaks for itself!

Moving to the website’s design, I have a few points I would like to share. First, the theme. I really like the theme Nicole chose, especially the white background because it looks very nice and clean. I also find interesting the color choice, which is pink. However, some people may find soccer more of a man’s game, Nicole did the right choice in pink color because website visitors may understand right away that its definitely a girl’s blog.

I also like the layout of this website. You can easily find what you may possibly look for!

The second thing I would like to cover is site structure. Overall, it’s not bad at all! However, I would recommend Nicole to slightly change it. In particular, I would create a menu with the name “Academics” or “Course Work” or “PUB101”. And then, I would add different categories there, such as Process posts, Peer reviews, Essays, Mini assignments. This way, it would be so much easier to navigate your website! I will attach an example below of how I did it.

The next thing that can be important is an integration of social media platforms. I haven’t noticed any social media attachmened on Nicole’s website. I would really recommend Nicole to do it since it can affect website traffic. You can install Monarch Plugin (Social Media Plugin) and attach your social media to it! I will show you below how this plunin looks like on my website.

Overall, I like how you designed you website! It looks nice and clean. Good job!

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