Google Analytics: Free Analysis Tool

The main advantage of Google Analytics is that it allows you to collect a lot of different information about the selected site. Based on the reports received, steps can be taken to improve the site.

Google analytics tools are very useful for entrepreneurs. Many conclusions can be drawn from the reports about site performance and user behavior. They allow you to determine which type of customer is most important, which marketing campaigns are delivering results, and how site traffic is generated. Such information is invaluable in developing business strategies and achieving business goals.

Google Analytics allows you to customize filters, and thus customize reports according to your individual needs. Filters allow you to separate different visits and events on your site.

Segmentation is another important tool that affects the analysis of all data. It is based on dividing users into smaller groups according to a specific criterion. You can create different segments, for example, direct visits, new users, traffic from referring sites. This section allows you to analyze the behavior of specific groups and gives much more detailed information about the work of the site.

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